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It's finally time for my husband and I to move :)  We'll be moving about 3600 miles across the US and so I won't have time to play SL muchless post gifts for the next month or so.  I know I haven't done a fantastic job posting gifts every day anyway; I've been getting things ready for the movers and inspectors.  We'll be busy visiting family and finding a house where we've been stationed, which means I'll miss out on the first month of Rio.  When I get my internet back I'll begin posting tix and energy for my house.  

Please remember, there are a LOT of rumors floating around about a lot of different people and to take everything with a grain of salt, especially if you can't find the time to find out the truth in the first place ;)

Also, if you do a lot of online shopping feel free to click on any of the ads! I tried to choose ones that will target sl audiences, like shoes, bags, clothes, wedding sites, baby sites even music sites!  If you do online shopping, let me know what you typically shop for online, or even specifically which sites you shop on and I'll see if i can get the ads up on my site so they are easily accessible! All of the sites I have available will be displayed at the very bottom of this page, and they are also placed randomly around the site. See something interesting? Don't be scared, just click on it! :)

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